Should an emergency occur, it may be necessary for you to shut off the water supply coming to your home. Shown below are two diagrams depicting how to disconnect water supply from your home. You should already be familiar with the location of your meter on your property and the location of your shut-off valve at the house.

Water Meter Shut-off

turnoffLocate your water meter box. Take time to clear brush, bark, rock, and grass away from the lid so that it is easy to see and open.
Flip up the little hinged door on the meter box lid and pull the entire lid off the meter box for access to the meter valve. Carefully remove any insulation and turn valve off using the tools shown in the diagram.
The meter valve is off when the two holes on the side of the meter valve are aligned.
To turn meter valve back on, simply turn the arrow bar in the opposite direction as shown in the diagram until it stops turning or until the arrow bar is pointing at the meter.
Caution: Always put the insulation and lid back in place after turning the valve off or on. Lost or missing insulation or lids can cause the meter to freeze and stop the flow of water.